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Mamas, how would you respond these questions from kids?

 Photo by @ericapatten

Last year we celebrate our one-year anniversary with three campaigns and shared the joy with everyone. We asked two questions and ran an interesting photo competition. Through these activities, we got to know more about our followers, which was the main reason why we held these campaigns. We also found out an interesting fact that many of our followers and customers use our products to help their little ones prepare for newborn sibling.  By playing with our doll stroller and doll, they practice how to be a good big brother/sister.


What drives us to write this article is that we received so many warm and cute stories and we want to share them with you. So, if you are a mother, you might find something that can relate to your experience.


At our first question, we asked “How did your kids react when meeting their baby sibling for the first time?”.

Here are some funny and cute replies:


My daughter wanted to hold her immediately. She was so excited to meet her new baby sister aka new baby doll ? -@heathermarieclark


My oldest son first words to my last born “you’re a cute little guy aren’t ya” my daughter was thrilled to have a baby around because she thinks she’s the mom but she wanted a girl. So till this day I hear “mommy I love my baby but next baby has to be a girl.” @buddingbabies



And the warm one:


The greatest gift you can give your children was each other…The day He met her little sister and became a big brother I am extremely anxious on how he’s gonna handle all the big changes that’s gonna happen in the next few days. I underestimated his capacity to love, that special connection sparkled like some sort of magic as soon as their two little hearts met. He was smitten and his eyes glowing, he loves her …It’s amazing how a little boy could show a love so pure…but then the next day when we brought the baby home he doesn’t want to deal with her anymore and some sort of rivalry begun. but I guess it was just a normal reaction, some genuine moments when the baby is brand new … 




We all touched by this special comment:


Our story may be a tad bit different, but it is one I am so proud to share. ❤ I am a mama of 3 girls. My oldest was getting ready to start her senior year in High School when we had our middle daughter. When these 2 sisters met, it was love at first sight. We did not know our middle daughter had a little something “extra” special waiting for us when she made her surprise arrival. She was born with Down Syndrome. Despite this diagnosis, big sis told me that she wanted to help all she can and she has done just that. She has helped homeschool and teach our T21 princess from signing to walking, to talking, to reading and now with pre-k. She is the best big sister any sibling can have. They were meant to be not only sisters, but Best Friends! ❤ -@_blessed.beyond.measure





The moment when kids first meet their baby sibling or know baby’s gender, could be so thrilling or hilarious, just like this video: Another Boy? This Mom’s Young Sons Have Hilariously Opposite Reactions.


Whatever their reaction is, it’s going to be the most precious memory for every family. During the pregnancy, don’t forget to make some arrangements to help your kids prepare to meet their baby sibling. Also, including them in the care of the newborn after you deliver your baby can make things easier and bring a lot of joy to your family. This can make things easier and bring a lot of joy to your family.

How did your kids react when meeting their baby sibling for the first time? See all the comments below.

Children love to ask a lot of questions and sometimes those are not easy to answer. Especially in the way a child could understand. Toddlers might start to ask for siblings when they see a friend holding his/her baby brother and want to be a big sister or brother, too. Therefore, at our second question, we were wondering how would you respond when your kids ask for a sibling.




My oldest son never asks, but my daughter (5 years old) asks everyday even with a younger brother who just turned one. She loves being his “second mommy” to him, but really wants a girl. I tell her that god decides what we get and if/when we get a baby. I often find her praying out loud to god for a baby sister ?. She starts off with “Dear god, I love my baby boy but please give mommy another baby that’s a girl, if it’s a boy again I will love it still but then give her another one after that”… …oye vey I don’t know how many babies she thinks I am going to have! -@Carolina MG



Thankfully my oldest (age 4) is pretty content with a simple, “Someday!” because she’s convinced herself that getting another sibling is as easy as a quick errand to the hospital…and she doesn’t like running errands right now! ? She explained how doctors choose the baby and the name, you pay $20, and they hand it over! In her mind, the next will be here just as soon as we get that chance to go shopping! -@MacKenzie Jones




Perhaps many of you have been asked this question. This won’t only happen on only child, even the kids in big family will ask for more siblings. If your kids had asked for a sibling, you are not alone. No matter parents are planning for another baby or not, they don’t want to let kids down, and that makes this question even harder. Several moms told their kids that it’s all God’s arrangement and God’s choices are perfect for family. We thought it’s a good answer, what do you think?

You can find all the responses in the pictures below. If you also have this kind of experience, welcome to share your answer with us!

How do you respond when your kids ask for a sibling? See all the comments below.




The other campaign we ran was a photo competition—Best Little Helper. In this activity, we would like to know what have children done to help their parents. Here are the photos we chose from the competition.

Holding hands with each other, big sister was reading bedtime stories for her baby sister. Siblings were having fun while helping grocery shopping. Little girl helped her granny making cookies. These photos are just so cute! They are definitely the best little helpers!

And there are some warm stories behind these amazing photos from the participators:



Making sure his baby sister stays calm as he tells her about all the procedures he went through and said, “and you see me, I’m a big boy”. -@eli_elora

This guy loves everything about his little sister. His brothers do too, but he takes an extra special interest in her. Always asking to hold her, help get her bottle and change her etc. he wishes she could sleep in his bed with him and he always gives her a kiss when he gets in the car after school. He was the one while I was pregnant that would feed the doll baby and hoped the baby was a little sister! -@nbrunsman

Motherhood won’t be an easy task, being a mom is a whirlwind of joy and heartache. Let your kids help you with some tasks, be patience and give them time to learn, they can help a lot more than you realize.


Participating in children’s growth with love and patience is an important part of children’s life and is the best ways to build kids’ healthy-minded and caring personality, and that’s what we’ve always tried to convey. With your help, children can explore the world and create unforgettable memories.


Last but not the least, We would like to thank all the participators that shared the beautiful stories with us!

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